About Mr. Skin Cash

Established in 1999, Mr. Skin Cash is one of the most popular and trusted affiliate programs among experienced and discerning webmasters. It is also the only place affiliates can promote some of the best membership websites on the internet including Mr. Skin, Mr. Man and Naked News. We take great pride in the products we create as well as the customer service we provide for our valued affiliates. We work tirelessly to build new and exciting experiences, content, marketing tools, and everything else needed to turn your traffic into cash.

  • About Mr. Skin

    Launched in 1999, the Mr. Skin website is the world’s #1 resource for celebrity nudity. As an all-encompassing film-review site, MrSkin.com allows 10-million unique monthly visitors to enjoy a vast database of photos, movie clips, bios, and reviews. Fans of female celebrity skin can "fast forward to the good parts" though over 20,000 actress bios, 30,000 movie and TV show reviews, plus over 200,000 photos and videos. Not only is Mr. Skin the one-stop destination for the sexiest scenes from Hollywood’s biggest stars, it is also frequently updated with the latest nudecomers and the hottest scenes from current movies, TV, and multimedia. The site also includes Feature Stories, Top Ten Lists, Skinterviews, The Anatomy Awards and much more. MrSkin.com was featured in the hit Hollywood comedy Knocked Up (2007) as well as the Showtime series Californication, and founder Jim "Mr. Skin" McBride continues to be one of the most sought-after guests in radio, appearing regularly on The Howard Stern Show, and garnering profiles in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Playboy, and The New York Post.

  • About Mr. Man

    Launched in 2013, MrMan.com is a film-review site that enables fans to find the hottest scenes from their favorite actors. As the male counterpart to MrSkin.com, MrMan.com has the same carefully curated database of photos, movie clips, bios, and reviews, all focused on male nudity and actors. From Hollywood stars to the latest nudecomers, and from big budget blockbusters to the latest avant-garde art flicks; all are catalogued in an all-inclusive, high definition database. Mr. Man brings male nudity to the gay and female audience with all the unparalleled expertise, ease-of-use, and trustworthiness.

  • About Naked News

    As the news program with "nothing to hide", Naked News entertains and informs with current events and special features, all delivered completely naked by gorgeous female anchors. Launched in 1999, Naked News has breaking news, sports, weather, and entertainment, as well as nude amateur auditions, nude celebrity models, and the famous "Naked in the Street" interviews. Naked News has garnered profiles on CBS Sunday Morning, The Today Show, The View, Sally Jessy Raphael, Entertainment Tonight and ET Insider, as well as TV Guide, Playboy and Howard Stern.